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Booking Tickets

How can I book a ticket?

Tickets can be purchased on our website, or visiting the King George’s Hall or Darwen Library Box Office or calling 01254 582579. Visit our Booking Information page for further information and Box Office opening times. Please note, you cannot book tickets online without registering – you will only need to do this once.

Do you accept Theatre Tokens?

Yes, we accept National Theatre Tokens and BwD Venues Gift Vouchers. Please note National Theatre Tokens can only be redeemed in person or via telephone, they cannot be used or purchased via our website.

Can I buy tickets on the day of the show? 

If the show is not sold out then tickets are available on the day of the show.  Either during regular box office hours or from an hour before the advertised time.

If an event is sold out can I still buy a ticket? 

Unfortunately not if the event is showing as sold out then we have no capacity left.  Occasionally we get some returns on the day of the show and we do operate a waiting list system via our box office

Can I be added to a waiting list for returns to a sold out event?

Yes. Speak to our box office team on 01254 582579.

I’ve misplaced my tickets. Can I still attend the event?  

Yes, we’re happy to re-send your tickets on the concert date at the venue’s Box Office. There is a £2 administration fee for this service.

Are latecomers allowed into the hall?  

Yes, our stewards will do their best to show persons running late into the event at a suitable break within the programme.

If I buy a ticket from someone outside, can I still get in? 

This is difficult to answer, sometimes genuine customers have a spare ticket which they will want to sell on.  If somebody is outside the venue asking for spare tickets or they seem to be selling a number of tickets then our advice is do not buy them.  They may be copied or cancelled tickets and you will be turned away at the door.

If I’ve bought my ticket on a ‘secondary site’ can I still get in? 

We don’t recommend buying on secondary ticket sites, please always check with box office first. Again some tickets may have been cancelled or copied.  There are genuine re-sale ticket sites in which the seller will be asking for face value.

Can I get a return or a refund on my ticket? 

BwD Venues do not usually offer refunds unless the concert has been cancelled or rescheduled.

What are booking fees and why is there a cost for printing an e-ticket?

A booking fee is included in all ticket purchases for events at our Blackburn with Darwen venues, including card and/or cash payments.

The ticket cost is the face value plus the booking fee. We do this on a per-ticket basis to cover the cost of providing our box office service, to enable us to bring a diverse range of shows to the Borough and to contribute to the upkeep costs of our venues.  The booking fee we charge is negotiated with the promoter for each event within our complex.

The printing fee (£1.50) covers the costs of printing your order if you are unable to print your own or print you tickets with you on a mobile phone. The printing fee applies per order not per ticket.   Should you wish to have your tickets posted to you, an additional postage charge also applies.

On the Day of Your Visit

If my ticket is seated, can I go in the standing area? 

Due to fire regulations if you have a seated ticket then you cannot go into the standing area.  The only exception to this is if the merchandise stand is within the standing area then one of our staff will accompany you to the stall and back again. 

I have a Balcony ticket, does that mean I am allocated a seat? 

Yes, all of our shows using the balcony in King George’s Hall will useallocated seating. This will be shown on your ticket.

What’s the latest time I can turn up with my ticket? 

For many shows you can turn up anytime after doors open, however for most comedy / theatre shows you are advised to turn up before the time shown on the ticket as after a show has started you will not be allowed into the show until a suitable break in the performance 

What does ‘stalls’ or GA mean? 

‘Stalls’ means seating or standing on the floor level.  It normally applies to seated shows. GA means general admittance and normally applies to standing shows. 

I’ve got a VIP ticket, what does it get me? 

Some shows have VIP extras, you will be told what these are at time of booking.  In most instances you will also receive a written confirmation about a week before the show.  You will be asked to bring that confirmation with you. 

Is there a different age limit for each event? 

Our general policy for shows is 14+, however for certain shows this will be different.  This will be shown on the website and on your ticket.

What is No ID, No Sale? 

We have a challenge 25 policy, if you are lucky enough to look under 25 then you will be asked for ID at our bars.  If you cannot provide it then you will not be served alcohol. 

How can I prove my age / do I need ID? 

At some shows you may be asked to prove your age.  Acceptable ID will be passport or driving licence.

How can I find out show times? 

If times are known in advance then they will be advertised on our website and social media pages.  Often we do not know running times until the day of the event. 

Is there a cash point / can I pay by card? 

We have no cash point on our sites.  There is one directly opposite the venue.  All of our bars accept card payments.

Can I smoke? 

There is no smoking area at the venue and the use of e-cigarettes is also prohibited. Smoking within the venue will result in you being asked to leave.  

Is there a dress code? 

For most events no, however we would advise against wearing team shirts/colours or anything that may be deemed offensive to other people 

Will I be able to buy merchandise at the show? 

At most shows the act will have merchandise for sale.  These are always independent from the venue. 

Where to Stay

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Premier Inn Hotel

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Safety and Security  

Is there a cloakroom / will I get in with my bag / helmet / suitcase? 

For some shows we will operate a cloakroom, this does not apply to all shows so please check the individual event pages before you arrive.  We ask that large bags / suitcases etc are not brought into the venue and you may be refused admission if you attend with them. 

Will there be security?

For most shows security searches are in place. We really don’t want to slow you down getting in so if you really, really need to bring a bag, please make sure that it’s small, less than laptop size or just a small handbag.  

Do I have to stay sat down in seated areas? 

Our advice on this one is please be aware of the people around you if you are getting up and dancing then they may not be able to see.  For safety reasons please do not get up and dance in the first two rows of the balcony. 

Why do you remove lids from bottled water? 

This is done for safety reasons and is now common practice across concert venues 

Will it be loud? 

It depends on the event but if it’s a music concert then yes!  However if it is too loud for you then please ask a member of staff for ear plugs and they will be happy to provide some. 

Do children need ear defenders / do you supply ear plugs? 

We can supply ear plugs, however we advise against Children using these.  It is your responsibility to provide noise reduction equipment for children 

Can I bring my medication with me? 

If you are bringing medication then please let our staff at the door know as you arrive. 

Can I bring my camera / iPad / selfie-stick? 

Professional cameras cannot be used at the venues.  At some shows the artist will insist on no photography.  The venue policy as standard is no filming or photography.  Please do not bring ipads or selfie sticks as these will be confiscated by our staff. 

Can I bring my own food and drink? 

No, This also applies to chewing gum.  You and your bags may be searched and items removed.   

Can I leave the venue and come back again between the acts? 

Unfortunately not – we operate a no “pass out” policy for safety reasons 

Can I crowd surf? 

We would advise against it (especially at a seated concert!).  Sometimes an act will specifically ask for crowd surfers to be removed from the venue so it’s best to avoid it completely 

Will there be strobe lighting or pyrotechnics? 

Some shows will use strobe lighting and stage effects, again we may not know until the day of the show.  As a rule, most music shows will use strobe lighting. 

Feedback and Lost Property

How do I give feedback about my booking/visit?

Please visit our Contact Us page, select ‘I would like to feedback about my recent visit’ in the drop-down menu and complete the form to tell us more about your visit.

Something isn’t what I expected whilst I’m at the venue. What do I do?

Please speak to a member of staff who will direct your concern to the duty manager. We will always work with you to resolve any issue so that you enjoy the event you are attending.

What if I lose my cloakroom ticket? 

If you lose your cloakroom ticket then will be asked to stay until the end of the show after all other coats and items have been collected to collect your item. 

How can I report lost property?

If you think you have left something behind, please contact 01254 582579 or visit our Contact Us page and complete a form under ‘I would like to feedback about my recent visit’.


Can our band support your acts? 

We often get requests for support slots.  Most of the time the promoters pick the support acts but we will forward your emails on.  Please email 

Can I send an act fan mail? Will you pass on my birthday request? 

Yes you can and yes we will. However, we cannot guarantee that the act will respond.  Our address for mailing is BwD Venues, c/o King Georges Hall, Northgate, Blackburn. BB2 1AA.  Please put the name of the act on the envelope.  Please note that all mail is opened and checked in advance before being passed on. 

How can I hire a room?

Find out more here or to discuss your requirements with our events team call us on 01254 582579 or email