The Lightbulb Princess

Sat 16 Dec 2023 / 11:00am & 2:00pm Darwen Library Theatre
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When this family decorate for Christmas, they get a lot more sparkles than they expected.

Kai’s sister Ray is determined that Mum is going to get a perfect Christmas. Even though it’s way too early, she’s got Kai and Ali hunting everywhere for the decorations. But when they find Filomina, the sparkly fairy who normally lives on top of the tree, an unexpected adventure begins. They’re going to need your help!

Join Kai and her family as they grapple with Filomina’s greedy demands and discover there’s a lot more to Christmas than just the presents.

Featuring catchy original songs and electrifying storytelling, this 50-minute show will light up children’s imaginations and inspire them to learn more about the world around them.

Presented by award-winning One Tenth Human and Tutti Frutti, The Lightbulb Princess is a delightful new show full of sparkle and song, for everyone aged 4 and up.


‘Really great children’s theatre’
Exeunt on One Tenth Human’s We’re Stuck!
Anyone who enjoys a charming, funny, inventive afternoon at the theatre will be sure to come out with a grin on their face.
British Theatre Guide

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