Ruts DC

ELECTRacoustic Tour

Sat 27 Jul 2024 / 7:30pm Start Darwen Library Theatre
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Here we go again. That one. The one that says acoustic guitars go against punk.

Because sometimes it feels right to strip back, to pare down and to scrape off all that is surplus.
Because sometimes it feels important to reveal the bones and the purpose. This, of course, does not diminish the significance of the other records. The ones which glow with studio radiation. The full, the deep and the burnt dub low end offerings. No your honour.

Ruts DC was, is, and always will be, a belief system where urgency, necessity, purity and primal energy are solemn commitments.
And that as long as what comes out of the speakers has power, attack, groove and prowess the instruments used in it’s making isn’t, really, that important.

But do not mistake the primitive for the sloppy. No sir. Do not mistake that for one minute. The precision here is from practice. From playing. Honed instinct. The seventh sense understanding that a great band has. Forged and tempered over time. The road. The studio. Life. Death.

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