Megan McCubbin

Stopping Extinction

Wed 26 Jun 2024 / 7:30pm Start King George's Hall
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What does it take to save a species from extinction? Is it determination, luck, optimism, jurassic-park-style science... or just hard work? Well, in truth, its a combination of them all.
We are so lucky to share our planet with so many spellbinding species - from sharks that use electromagnetic fields to hunt, sloths that have a unique endemic ecosystem on their
backs and the giant ecosystem engineers that are rhinos. Each animal plays an important part in the
delicate web of life, but today, that web is under threat from execrated extinctions caused by
humans. Biodiversity loss cannot be understated - but hope is not lost...

Around the world there are scientists, rangers and indigenous communities fighting to protect wildlife and their habitats. In this show, we will hear to stories from the front line of conservation and find out what it takes to pull a species back from the brink, from parrot sperm helmets to embryo freezing and everything in between! All the while answering the big questions...
“I'm only one person, what can I do to make a difference?

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