Justin Moorhouse

The Greatest Performance of My Life

Fri 14 Mar 2025 / 7:30pm Start Darwen Library Theatre
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A poignant exploration of comedy intertwined with the essence of life's ups and downs.

Justin's unparalleled ability to blend side-splitting humour with touching insights offers a rare glimpse into the human condition through the lens of a comedian. This performance is more than just a series of jokes; it's a heartfelt journey through the joys, sorrows, and hilarity of life, delivered with Justin's characteristic charisma and warmth. Prepare to laugh, reflect, and connect deeply with every story, making this evening an unforgettable highlight in your cultural calendar.


“The amount of first-rate comic craft that goes into his routines is worthy of admiration”
“He charms the pants off the crowd”
Sunday Times
"What sets him apart is the craft. Lightning fast wit, masterful delivery."
4 star

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