I Spy With My Little Eye

presented by The People's Theatre Company

Sun 8 Oct 2023 / 2:30pm Darwen Library Theatre
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Molly and Bingo the puppy are having a birthday party and, best of all, you're invited!
There'll be a terrific treasure hunt, all your favourite sing-along songs, including The Ants
Go Marching, Hickory Dickory Dock and BINGO, and lots of fantastic games to play,
including Molly's favourite game, I Spy With My Little Eye!

So put on your party clothes and come join us for what promises to be a magical day of
fun and laughter.

It's going to be the best party ever!


Perfect for Families
5 star
What's On Stage
I Spy With My Little Eye lots of very happy children
5 star

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