Darwen Comedy Club

Sat 2 Dec 2023 / 8:00pm Start Darwen Library Theatre
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Kevin Gildea
Kevin Gildea is a comedian, writer, actor, reader, walker and list maker. Kevin has performed his stand-up all over the shop – Shanghai, Bankok, Dubai, South Africa, Vietnam and Portloaise.
Kevin also plays with his comedy-music act – The Kevin Gildea’s (One Guitarist, One Drummer, One Clarinetist and One Comedian).

Sam Serrano
Sam Serrano is a talented gender-fluid, dyspraxic comedian who has been taking the comedic industry by storm over recent years. Bringing laughter to audiences through a truly intersectional lens, Sam regularly appears at clubs across the UK.

Paul Pirie
Paul Pirie is a stand out Scottish stand up comedian. His physical, theatrical presence on stage and his sharp, rapid-fire comedy onslaught is packed with highly entertaining material, blurring the line between real-life anecdotes and flights of fancy.

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