Darwen Comedy Club

Sat 1 Apr 2023 / 8:00pm Darwen Library Theatre
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Joey Page;
Joey Page has received several accolades, nominations for awards, and TV appearances throughout his accomplished and funny career. Joey dramatically changed his creative process and humorous delivery over the past few years, earning him a reputation as a circuit favourite and on the verge of being a cherished regular headliner. His really engaging stage presence and abilities to make an audience feel as though they have witnessed something very exceptional haven't altered.
Joey Page has updated his material and increased the appeal of his international humour after enthralling audiences for many years. Page, who is renowned for his unmistakable wit and instantly recognisable attire, often hosts comedy performances across the nation.

Rob Rouse;
One of comedy’s most lively, loveable and dynamic performers, Rob won Channel 4’s Prestigious So You Think You’re Funny competition at the Edinburgh Festival in way back in 1998. He’s one of our best comic storytellers, has performed all over the world and works long form narratives into hard-hitting, uncompromising hilarious tales filled with warmth and a sense of compassion for our collective human frailties.

Harry Stachini
Stachini is the comedian to watch in this new decade. Slowly but surely climbing up the ranks of the stand-up comedy world, Harry has established a reputation as an exciting young comedian with an impressive easy-going style. His warm and friendly stage presence comfortably leads us through hilarious and skilful storytelling which is beyond his years.
Harry feels like a mate as he shares his distinctive but familiar outlook on the world, his likeable character involves the audience, luring us into well-crafted scenarios, with expert delivery leaving us in stitches.
Harry performs at the UK’s finest comedy clubs and festivals having hosted the prestigious ‘Bound and Gagged’ ‘AAA’ Comedy Showcase at the Edinburgh Festival in 2017. He returned in 2019 to perform his debut solo show ‘Tigers Don’t Cry’ to sold-out audiences.


Joey Page is "A leading name in British cult comedy"
5 star
Three Weeks
"Harry is a must-see act with oodles of onstage charm and compelling, inventive storytelling"

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