An Acoustic Journey of stories and songs from Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri

It started out as just another studio day for producer and guitarist, Carmelo Luggeri – until pop legend Kiki Dee came in to put down a vocal …. He’d seen her many times on TV, but once she started singing, he was just blown away by the amazing tone of her unmistakeable voice. Little did he suspect that, from that day on, his musical career was to change for ever.

25 years on from that epiphany, the synergy between the two has blossomed, firmly establishing them as one of the UK’s great musical pairings.

The duo bring their live show to Darwen Library Theatre on Thu 10 Mar 2022.

2018 saw a year of musical consolidation for the popular duo – Bob Harris wanted them as opening act for the re-booted Whistle Test, and indeed this turned out to be a seminal moment, leading to long overdue recognition and critical acclaim.

As well as K&C compositions and Carmelo’s beautiful acoustic arrangements of obligatory ‘Kiki songs’, sublime numbers by great artists are sprinkled into their concerts to great effect. Harry Manx, Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush & Lowell George are welcome additions to a KC setlist – with even a bit of Depeche Mode & Frank Sinatra thrown in for good measure.

Kiki laughs off this refreshingly cavalier approach: ‘We venture all over the place musically – but I’ve learnt to embrace it – our live shows are very eclectic’.

The duo’s latest critically acclaimed album “A Place Where I Can Go” features 11 tracks including the haunting duet “Horses” with Scottish singer Eddi Reader.

Join Kiki and Carmelo for an acoustic journey of stories and song which include unique covers of songs by artists such as Kate Bush and Frank Sinatra and of course Kiki’s own hits “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart”, “I Got The Music In Me”, “Loving & Free” and the stunning “Amoureuse”.


Event Details:
Darwen Library Theatre
Thu 10 Mar 2022
Tickets £21.50
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